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About Us


TaxResources, Inc. (dba, an employee-owned company, is the nation’s leading provider of income tax audit information and representation services for individuals and small businesses. Since 1988, we have been committed to making the experience of being audited easier for our members as we make every effort to achieve the best possible outcomes on their behalf. With offices in California and a network of tax professionals across the country, we assist taxpayers in all 50 states and Canada with their federal, state, and provincial income tax audits. is the exclusive provider of Audit Defense for Intuit TurboTax in the US and Canada and has strategic alliances with associations and tax professionals across the country.


Our Mission


Our mission at is to provide our members with the finest income tax audit representation and the best taxpayer education available. We are able to accomplish this by hiring highly–skilled tax professionals, as well as the best and brightest customer service and administrative staff. Not only do we value educating our members, we encourage our staff’s personal and professional growth. There’s nothing quite as revitalizing as picking up a great book or attending that exciting class or seminar!


Our objective is to always make the audit process as easy as possible for our members, and to reduce the anxiety involved in dealing with the IRS and state tax authorities. Working with our members and with tax agencies requires us to consistently provide superior service, and we rely on our exceptional staff to continually deliver on our promise to make the audit process as stress–free as possible.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service by providing education courses, utilizing member feedback, and evaluating our internal processes. We believe in an approach where all employees’ ideas are heard. No matter your station, be it a cube or a corner office, you can contribute. Concerned your title is not Presidential? Please do not fret. Your voice will be heard. And by continually evaluating the efficiency of our practices and procedures, we are able to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics in the field of tax representation. This sustains our competitive advantage.


Our Culture


At we are committed to helping people. Our priority is to help our members reach the best possible outcomes for their tax situations, and we can only do that by hiring the best people. We know that our service is only as good as our people, and we make every effort to create a dynamic and positive environment where our employees can learn, grow, and be challenged. We foster a culture of helping each other and giving back to our community.


Employee happiness is an integral part of the culture. We want our employees to be satisfied and feel comfortable in their work environment. We make it our mission to cultivate an environment of positive energy, open communication, and fun. We value feedback and invite all of our employees to share their ideas about how to improve our company, and we reward employees for their innovation and creative thinking. Every single employee has talent and unique qualities which we strive to draw out.  We believe work can be inspiring, rewarding, and interesting, and we do all that we can to encourage that. We all know the famous saying, “When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!”